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TDX119 BRAVO SECTOR - Airsoft Malaysia Endurance 2013

Shah Feroz Khan Bin Mohamad Khan - Aaron Khan - Sierra Kilo

Owner and Ultimate Tactical Gears Retail Manager.

Name: Mr. Shah Feroz Khan Bin Mohamad Khan
Occupation: Flight KRU.
Involvement in Airsoft Combat Sports: Since 2008

Trained in basic Emergency Respond (First Aid, CPR and Fire Fighting.) and well verse in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Mr. Shah Feroz Khan is the founder of Ultimate Sports and UTSF Titanium Tactical Airsoft Team. A very versatile individual capable of mastering major languages of the world, a true, passionate airsofter with vast experience in every aspects of the sport.

His major achievement was to organized the first ever Airsoft Championship in Malaysia. He is now very active in organizing skirmishes, tournaments and airsoft related events. Aaron Khan travelling all over the world to learned different cultures of airsoft like USA, Japan and Hong Kong.