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What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a SPORTS?

Essentially it is similar to Paintball, but using more professional, replica firearms that shoot small plastic pellets, rather than paintballs - and you know you have been hit! The games played are as close to real as you can get and the games are based on a military line and you will be given missions to carry out and games will be from 30 minutes to over an hour, and sometimes longer.

- Springger
- AEG - Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns
- AEP - Airsoft Automatic Electric Pistols
- EBB - Electric Blowback
- NBB - Non Blowback (Gas)
- GBB - Gas Blowback
- GBBR - Gas Blowback Rifle

Above are common acronym which will be referred as Airsoft Guns, the only factor that differentiate one to another are the operation mechanism (gas - batteries - spring) and the extra features (with or without blowback action or feels). The Airsoft Guns provided by us (Ultimate Tactical Sports Malaysia) will be electric operated using a battery pack or commonly known as AEG. an AEG fire about 700 bb's a minute at below 328fps (feet per second). The magazine will hold between 400 to 1'000 bb's but will fire about 30 to 70 bb's before needing winding on.

Airsoft As a Sports

Airsoft Practical Shooting

Airsoft Speed / Practical shooting or widely known as Airsoft IPSC Style is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately. To do this, shooters take on obstacle-laden shooting courses called stages, some requiring many shots to complete, and others just a few. While scoring systems vary between practical shooting organizations (APS International. Airsoft Practical Shooting  International - AA IPSC Div. International Practical Shooting Confederation - ATaC. Airsoft Tactical Competitions), each measures the speed with which the stage is completed, with penalties for inaccurate shooting.

Competitors compete against a course of targets commonly referred to as a stage and are judged on their accuracy and the time it takes them to compete the course. The winner is that person / team who scores the highest accuracy in the quickest time with the least amount of penalties. Generally speaking the course or stage will fall into either a short, medium or long course format. The shooter is overseen by the Range / Marshals /Safety Officer who is responsible for monitoring correct and safe gun handling during the course as well as declaring the time, scores and penalties.

Dynamic Action Sports (DAS)

The latest addition to Airsoft Speed / Practical Shooting category is the Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

Dynamic Action Sport (DAS) is a team based competitive shooting sport; it utilizes cutting edge airsoft technology to present challenging, dynamic, and unique shooting stages for teams to participate in. DAS stages are designed to test competitors' marksmanship and problem solving skills in a reactive, dynamic, 360 degree shooting environment. 

Teamwork, communication, and marksmanship skill are all equally necessary for success in Dynamic Action Sport. By utilizing airsoft technology instead of real ļ¬rearms, DAS players are able to compete safely in a 360 degree environment with multiple individuals participating collaboratively and concurrently in a single stage. 

Competitive Airsoft

Association of Competitive Airsoft ( ACA )

Airsoft can be played in a style called “MilSim” which stands for Military Simulations. These games tend to be very long games that have multiple objectives and various ranks of players. This game style will generally stay true real life events that have taken place. Also, a script is usually used to keep the games on track.

Another common style of play is what the Association of Competitive Airsoft offers. ACA stay true to the roots of airsoft using objective based games, but the game pace is much faster than what you would experience in a typical MilSim game. Teams play against each other using team tactics and strategies to complete objectives that are placed before them. Each team has unlimited respawns and must adhere to the ACA rule set.

Airsoft As a Training Tools...

Airsoft was born in Japan during the late 1970s as a hobbyist's solution to the Japanese nationwide civilian firearms ban. Aesthetically designed to emulate real guns, these replicas shoot a plastic 6mm pellet propelled by gas or compressed air. Airsoft today is now used not only for the recreational market of hobbyists, sporting events, and in military simulation, but also considered by some in the Law Enforcement and Military communities as a viable training option.

In comparison to Simunitions and UTMs, Airsoft equipment and ammunition are relatively inexpensive and far safer (though ANSI-rated full seal eye protection should still be used at all times), providing users many more training evolutions than have traditionally been made available.

Airsoft can be a training tool, but it is not a final solution. As technologies develop and airsoft evolves, it may one day be everything that we require of it as an all-encompassing training aid. It is also not designed to replace Simunitions and UTMs, as they clearly have their own essential role in force-on-force training. However, airsoft can be used to supplement training on both a one-way and two-way range. Whether it is used for practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship, weapons manipulation, or force-on-force training, the key to extracting the most out of airsoft as a training aid is to recognize it as a tool, not a toy. 

One must also understand the limitations of airsoft as a tool, as well as leveraging its advantages. When employed appropriately, airsoft can provide additional practice and learning experiences which can be added to a shooter's mental toolbox for future use.
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