Airsoft Sports

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TDX119 BRAVO SECTOR - Airsoft Malaysia Endurance 2013

Airsoft Group Activities

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to engage your team...that WOW factor! Ultimate Tactical Sports Malaysia is rolling out the latest interactive team Experiences in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Have you done to death other team activities and crave an Experience? Airsoft Sports is our cornerstone Experience and we have developed challenges unique to Malaysia. We will have your team stepping outside their comfort zone in no time. Made up of relay, memory, communication and accuracy challenges, it's all done as a team. As long as you can stand up, you will excel and you will surprise yourself while on one of these machines!

Lets face it... the forward thinking companies understand the need to treat their staff to a little down time. And blowing off a little steam after a busy work period or breaking down those communication barriers within a company department is well worth the investment of expanding ones senses and having fun as a team. That's why you will not be disappointed with our 'one of a kind' events.

MINIMUM for 30 PAX. (AEG, Tactical Vest and BBs AVAILABLE for RENTAL)

Group Activites Options.

1. Airsoft Allied Forces Match Formats / Airsoft Military Simulations.
2. 5 Vs 5 Men Team - Competitive Airsoft.
3. Airsoft Speed / Practical Shooting.
4. Airsoft FACE OFF Steel Challenges.
5. Dynamic Action Sports (D.A.S)
6. Airsoft Target Shooting Training (A.T.S.T)