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TDX119 BRAVO SECTOR - Airsoft Malaysia Endurance 2013

Mohd Khusyairi Abdul Razak - Kucai - KILO35 -

Airsoft Training Manager

Name: Mohd Khusyairi b. Adul Razak.
Occupation: Science Lab Assistant.
Involvement in Airsoft Combat Sports: Since 2008.

Trained in basic Emergency Respond (First Aid, CPR and Fire Fighting.) and well verse in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Since 2008, He actively involved in introducing Airsoft Action / Speed Shooting Sports. Well verse in IPSC and IDPA Shooting Style. Certified IPSC Action Air Shooters by Shooters Association, Hong Kong. He is the founder of ASSFM Facebook Group (Airsoft Speed Shooting - Fans Malaysia) and the Assistant Coordinator of MAPS Community (MALAYSIA AIRSOFT PRACTICAL SHOOTING). In 2011, he was appointed as the first five of the Asian Regional Coordinator for APS International (Airsoft Practical Shooting International).

He officially joins UTS (ULTIMATE TACTICAL SPORTS) in December 2012, as a Advisor for UTS Training Division. ULTIMATE TACTICAL SPORTS Training Division in cooperation with MALAYSIA AIRSOFT PRACTICAL SHOOTING Community is working together in Defining, Research and Development of Airsoft Sports in Malaysia.