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TDX119 BRAVO SECTOR - Airsoft Malaysia Endurance 2013

Corporate Games and Team Building.

The Corporate Games and Team Building are dedicated to promoting healthy communities through Airsoft Sport. At Ultimate Tactical Sports Malaysia, we excel in designing Airsoft activities that utilize key skills necessary to succeed in business such as clear communication, collaboration, trust, risk-taking, leadership, empowerment, encouragement and support. These are exercises that anyone can participate in without fear of physical harm or looking silly to one's associates.

We do ask and encourage people to stretch their mental and spirit capabilities and to embrace teamwork. They will have such a great time doing it. Ultimate Tactical Sports Malaysia offers extraordinary team building challenges that require people to explore creative solutions, practice and improve working as a team in an active and dynamic atmosphere.

Cecile Springer quotes...
"Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish."

1. Airsoft Match Formats / Team Building Modules

EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE for 30 PAX - 2 Day 1 Night. (AEG RENTAL, Tactical Vest and BBs INCLUDED)

LEVEL 1 Team Match Formats
Introduction to Airsoft Equipments, Airsoft  Marksmanship, Airsoft Match Formats, Airsoft Tactical and Technical Skills.

LEVEL 2 Team Match Formats
Leadership, Communications , Trust and Risk Taking Exercises

Airsoft Allied Forces Match Formats / Airsoft Military Simulations.
Collaboration, Trust, Empowerment, Encouragement and Support.

These Airsoft Match Formats / Team Building Modules are designed with teamwork as a basis. Fun and challenging, our modules insures maximum participation. We promote and design TEAM games in which everyone plays all at once as opposed to events in which individuals take turns. Ultimate Tactical Sports Malaysia provides the logistics, the equipment, the facilitators, score keeping system, catering and supplies medals for the winners.

2. Corporate Games 

MINIMUM for 30 PAX. 
(AEG RENTAL, Tactical Vest and BBs INCLUDED)
Events Options.

Airsoft Allied Forces Match Formats / Airsoft Military Simulations.
2. 5 Vs 5 Men Team - Competitive Airsoft.
3. Airsoft Speed / Practical Shooting.

4. Airsoft FACE OFF Steel Challenges.
5. Dynamic Action Sports (D.A.S)

6. Airsoft Target Shooting Training (A.T.S.T)